We take pride in creating high quality, slow roasted, smoked barbecue. Legendary barbecue-men swear by slow oak smoke roasting and “going the whole hog”. We’ve learned from the best. Our process from start to finish emphasizes quality, freshness, tenderness, texture, and the perfect balance of flavors, guaranteeing our customers with competition-ready barbecue.

All sandwiches are served with a side of fresh cut coleslaw and potato chips. (Wookie size any sandwich)

Traditional closed-pit slow roasted bbq served with 2 slices of thick cut all-american white bread with your choice of bbq dipping sauce…$10

Traditional southern barbecue unchained, topped with pepper jack cheese, applewood bacon, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, jalapeños, served on Texas Toast with flamin’ Sherman sauce…$12.50

King Kahuna
Luau barbecue topped with pineapple, grilled Maui onions, cheddar, applewood bacon, served on a buttered french roll, with Yum Yum bbq sauce…$12.50

Southern Belly Dipper
Brown sugar rubbed barbecue topped with melted Swiss and bacon served on a bakery fresh french roll with Southern Belly white bbq sauce…$12

Churrasco barbecue topped with grilled pineapples, grilled Vidalia onions, roasted red peppers, served on a buttered french roll with Asada vinager bbq sauce…$11.50

Grilled Cheese
Savory pulled pork topped with American & Cheddar cheeses, bacon, and Rebel Red bbq sauce, served on buttered Texas toast…$12

Caribbean barbacoa smash topped with pickles, banana peppers, melted Swiss cheese and King Midas bbq sauce, served on a bakery fresh buttered french roll…$11

The Big Mac of barbecue sandwiches, double meat, 3 cheeses, double bacon, grilled onions with a center slice of bread, served on a bakery fresh buttered french roll with “dark side” sauce…$17.75

Freshly brewed Iced Tea, add lemon, Lemonade, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale…….$2


The Southern Belly makes all of its sauces from scratch and we are always inventing new flavors to compliment our sandwiches. Whether you like traditional tomato, mustard, or vinegar based flavors, or looking for something new, we have it all and then some.

Southern Bell-y
Inspired by Alabama white barbecue recipes,
sweet, creamy, rich, fruity and delicious

Inspired by Carolina sweet mustard recipes, smokin’ liquid gold

Rebel Red
Inspired by Kansas City and St Louis sweet & tangy recipes,
smokin‘ brown sugar, tomato and molasses blend

Yum Yum
An Asian infused funky remoulade, creamy, sweet, and flavorful

Inspired by South American and Afro-Caribbean recipes, spicy,
tangy, tomato and vinegar blend

A tango of Hot & Spicy smokin’ tomatoes

The “Dark Side” Sauce
High in Midichlorians. You don’t know the power of the “dark side” sauce

Applewood Bacon
Roasted Red Peppers
Jalapeño Peppers
Banana Peppers
Grilled Vidalia Onions or Red Onions
Grilled Pineapple
{ Add additional topping for $1 }

Pepper Jack

Our Ingredients
We strive to make the best barbecue sandwiches using quality meats, richly seasoned rubs, natural wood charcoal, freshly baked buns, and made from scratch sauces.